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Wednesday November, 19 2003

Work Work Work

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I missed a showing of the extended version of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. It’s out now, so I will be able to see it eventually and perhaps convince others to join me in a bread, cheese, and apple party. Because you need to have bread and cheese while watching that movie, and perhaps ale or some other beverage like that.

Can I just mention, as well, that my boss is driving me up a wall? She always assumes I’m doing something wrong. Today, for example, she asked me to start some letters, I agree. Then she asks me where I’m getting them from and I say from the form letter file on the main computer.
She tells me that this is right, tells me about how I should do that, and then notes that I have a similar file in my section. (That was a left over from the person who worked here before me.) She gives me a whole long speech about how I shouldn’t have that file, I should use the file on the main computer because she wants everything done the same way.
Mind you, I’ve just told her that I don’t use the the file in my section, I use the file on the main computer.

It wouldn’t be all that frustrating except she does this every single timem becoming increasingly glad that I only agreed to two years.

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