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Thursday November, 20 2003

It promises to be a day.

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Although today promises to be a rather busy day and tomorrow will probably be hell I really can’t bring myself to care all that much. Even though I probably will have to come in on Saturday.
I’m too excited about a chat appointment later this evening to even think about anything else. Yes, chatting is fun. So is mudding, I need to get back into mudding. I’d have to start again on all my characters, but that wouldn’t be so bad…I say that now. Just wait until I get back and I can’t remember any of the commands any more.

Not to mention that I submitted some icons to lj user Mint Tea for her icon contest. I hadn’t heard anything back and I had sighed, shrugged my shoulders and decided that mine didn’t make the cut. She did warn, after all, in her post that she was judging them with her bias. No big deal.
And Lo! I go to her website and note that under avatars she’s put up a new section for the contest. I click, wondering what icon works of art I shall see because there are plenty of astounding icon makers out there that use her templates. I’m posted!
It just makes me very happy that someone outside my circle of friends, ie one who doesn’t have a friendly bias, likes my icons.
*turns into a chibi, dances*

Yeah. So, back to the mundane. Let’s see if I can make it through the day without messing up.

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