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Sunday November, 23 2003

A Quandary

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These days most of the creative things I do are ment to go up on my webpage. This doesn’t bother me, I enjoy making things, and I enjoy HTML and updating my webpage, so it seems the perfect marriage of obsessions. However this makes me neglect about a dozen other projects that I should also be devoting time too.
The simple solution would be to place these projects on my webpage. Since I would be longing to update them I would work on them and eventually finish them. After all, the Shadowgate Novelization was stalled until I uploaded it to the webpage. Once up there in its partially completed form I was driven to finish it. Viola! I’ve hit upon the way to finish my projects!

There’s a problem with this brilliance though…
Although there are copyright laws in effect for the internet…anything posted can be stolen. There are some things I’m working on that I don’t want stolen because I’m going to try to publish them someday. Things like the combination of stories that I’m working on, the working title of which is: “The hell was I thinking?” Then of course there is my thesis type thing that revolves around Monkey King.
I have a few fanfics that I could post on the internet. I would be annoyed if they were stolen, but I can never have them published so they are really merely for the enjoyment of others.
Ok, so all of my stories don’t really have a good chance of being published in today’s market, but I’m trying to be a bit idealistic.

At any rate, this leaves me a bit confuzzled.
Should I post these things, despite my fears so that I’ll finish them or should I leave them on my hard drive whilst I lavish my attentions on icons and the like?
I could just post the fanfics since those are fair game anyway…then at least I’d finish those and perhaps that would spur me to finish other projects…

Today I think I’m going to try to do some story work, maybe I’ll make a few icons if I get photoshop fever.

Anyone out there have any ideas?

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