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Monday November, 24 2003

Computer Failure

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I came into work on Saturday to try and get some extra work done. It started out pretty normally, I came, i started working, did a whole bunch of typing that had magically appeared over the weekend and got ready to attack the file folders.
Before I can set myself to this task, however, it comes to my attention that the voice mail is down. I find the number and call the guy that manages it, he has me go into the server room and try to see the problem, that’s when we discover that the computer tower that works our voice mail doesn’t seem to be turned on.

“Well,” I think to myself. “That explains it doesn’t it? Some silly sod must’ve turned the bloody thing off. That’s an easy fix, I’ll just turn it back on.” So I push the button and I am rewarded by silence.

Undaunted I check the wires to make sure that everything is plugged in, everything seems to be hooked up right. That means one of two things.
Either complete hard-drive failure or a power source failure.
I’m hoping for power source failure, because that’s easy to fix.

The long and the short of all that is there is no voice mail for the office today. That means I have to take any and all messages that come through by hand. Now, I’d just like to note two things to perhaps explain why I’m ranting about this.
First: I’m the only one here right now to answer the phones and they tend to ring constantly.
Second: We have six incoming lines and I’ve seen at least five of those ring at the same time.

Yeah. It’s going to be a fun day.

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