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Tuesday December, 30 2003

Same old, same old

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Just another normal day in a somewhat less than normal world.

I’m wearing my new Christmas outfit today. I won’t go into detail here unless requested, I’m not feeling Mary Sueish enough to relate the details of my clothing. I’m not so sure about this button up skirt thing, but I have to admit that it doesn’t look at all bad.

And in other less fashion related news I was silly enough to leave the lights on yesterday and killed the battery. Yes AAA was just a phone call away, but true to form it took them an hour to get to me. That’s an hour in the dark parking lot out in the cold. Although once they did it was very fast to get a jump and get on my way and the man who came was very nice. Mind you he was in a terrible hurry, but so was I, so it all worked out in the end.

For anyone that cares I do have three or four wallpapers in the works and material for at least a dozen more it’s just sitting down to do them. It takes a good hour to do a wallpaper if I’ve got it planned out. I’ve had a few that have taken a record 20 minutes but needless to say that doesn’t happen often. There’s also plenty of material for icons and those do take less time to make but I don’t have much free time during the week anyway. Hopefully I’ll get something done and uploaded by the weekend, maybe even before that since I get out early New Years Eve.

I’m looking to get an update to the quotes page pretty soon. The person who has all the quotes right now is scheduled to give them to me soon. That’s a couple of hours typing and copy/pasting but considering the quotes page hasn’t seen an update in a couple of months I won’t mind taking the time.

I also need new Mediocre Magical Items. So if anyone has any ideas please send them to me or leave a comment. They don’t have to be great, that’s why they’re called mediocre!

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