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Thursday October, 27 2005

KOL Kaboom!

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So a few people will know that I play The Kingdom of Loathing, a rather neat web based RPG thing that it’s equal parts, snark, spoof, and pure gaming crack.

Looks like there was a pretty major snafu on the part of the game creator.

It’s a pretty darn big deal as far as it stands now. For those of you who don’t play or haven’t been around to hear my talk about it, Hagnk’s is where all of your stuff goes when you beat the final boss and ascend. (Ascending is when you beat the game and get to come back as a new class, keeping one still from your old class and any other skill you kept before.) So, all of your items, your entire inventory goes into Hagnk’s storage. It looks like the lost those and have to rebuild them with data that 6 weeks old.


Me? Even though I play three characters I’m not terribly worried. I’ve ascended multiple times and most of my stuff should still be there. The thing that I’m most worried about are a few of the familiars I’ve gained very recently and some of my skills but other than that, I shouldn’t be too hard hit by this. Jick and the staff are working to make sure we can get our lost items back. Most of the stuff I needed to give out for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Crimbo was in my inventory and as far as I know those things were safe, and everything else, well, it can be got again.

I feel badly for Jick, he claims full responsibility for this and it must really suck for him at the moment. Go Jick, you built a great game and even though it just went boom we still love you!

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