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Monday October, 31 2005

It has returned!

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Happy Pagan Candy Holiday to everyone. I can’t dress up for work, but I am dressing up like Monkey King once I get home, face paint and all. I was very tempted to just wear my horns to work and look quizzical whenever someone pointed out that I was wearing horns but I ran out of the house too quickly this morning.

We have the promise that we’ll get at least one set of trick or treaters this year. YAY! Some friends from Meeting will be stopping by for candy and good cheer.

In other news, the Kingdom is back up and running with some neat new content to make up for the crash, or White Wednesday as they’re calling it now. I have my goodies and I’m very happy. I did lose some stuff but I’m sure it’ll get back to me one way or the other.

And in my final bit of news the car is in to have its hoses and belts replaced along with being winterized. I don’t even want to think about how much this is going to cost me. Way too mucy, I imagine.

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