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Monday October, 12 2009

November the oncoming train

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NaNo month is fast approaching.  On one hand I’m excited.  I’ve got an idea, I’ve done research, I’m ready to write.  I don’t have as many ideas buzzing about as I did last year, but I’m certain I can pump out 50,000 words and that’s the whole point.  I like the high of actually writing something, even if its junk.

On the other hand NaNo is fast approaching and I don’t have a workable solution of J.  My old laptop doesn’t run DragonSpeak well and I don’t know if we have the funds for something new.  I was hoping to find an old desktop that would have enough processor to run but so far it looks like nothing is going to turn up.

She’s been considering doing a different kind of challenge that wouldn’t involve time on the computer anyway so that’s a plus but she hasn’t recovered from her fatigue.  (We were supposed to celebrate our Anniversary on Saturday but she had a relapse.)  I’m hoping she’ll make enough of a recovery in time for November since having two people doing some kind of challenge in November is so much more fun than doing it alone.

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