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Image Galleries

Issendai's Lair A great site in general  
Lekka Shinen A great Tauski site  
Second Impact Pretty good Eva images  
Slayers in Detail Scores of Slayers screencaps  
The Gallery @ Empty Movement The best Utena site around!  
Anime Project Alliance Lots of beautiful galleries  



Echoica brushes Good brushes  

Templates for Icons

Mint Tea: Templates and More!! An excellent template maker  


Megatokyo Everyone knows Piro  
Real Life Gamers and  
Bob and George Kinda Megaman, kinda not  
Mac Hall All around general gaming fun  
Kung Fool! Kung Fu kidding and more!  
RPG World A parady of RPG games  

Great comic, check it out

Ghastly's Ghastly Comic  Tentacle Monsters Ahoy!  

VG cats!

VG Cats = Video Game Cats!  
Lore Brand Comics Miss the Brunching Shuttlecocks? See what Lore has been up too.  




Moon Dragon Studios My kiwi's site  


Soompi Town K-pop news site  
Soild07: Kop News Another news site  


Amethyst Angel: Home to cosplay, Slayers, and More! Slayers, cosplay, and more!  
Anipike Anime links galore!  
Fingernails that Shine Like Justice A network of sites Beautiful artwork  


Final Fantasy I The best FF1 site ever  
The Metroid Database a great metroid site  

TSR's NES Archive

The site is dead but it's still a great resource for original NES games. More FAQs that you can shake a stick at.  

Games and Toys

Flywheel's Random Name and Title Generator Just what it says  
Kingdom of Loathing Best. Online. Game.  Ever.  
Homestar Runner Strong bad email and much more  
HeroMachine Create your own characters!  
Roleplaying and pr0n, what more could you want? Not your typical role playing game.  
Check out Neopets.  


The Book of Ratings Ratings from Lore  
Jerry the Frog Productions Puppet Theatre  


The Harry Potter Lexicon All the information on the Harry Potter books that you could ever need!  
Anime-Myth: Myth and Symbolism in Anime & Manga Myth in Anime and Manga  
Delusions of Grandeur Demonolgy  
Alchemy Website Information on Alchemy  
Rhyme Zone Need a rhyme?  Check this out.  
Encylopedia Mythica Online Myth Encylopeida  
Sacred Texts Archive A great site for sacred texts.  
Seiyuu Voice Actor Database Anime voice actors
God Checker: A humorous look at the godsGodchecker: Mythology with a twist!  

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