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This list is always a work in progress.  If you have a suggestion for a Mediocre Magical Item please email me and I'll set my team to reviewing it.

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Item Name

What it Does Cost/Worth
Really Sticky Gloves For some reason, these gloves are really, really sticky. No one knows why, they just are. Once put on, the gloves cannot be removed without considerable effort. If the player rolls under a DC 10 to remove them, then their hands will remain slighty sticky for three full weeks. 4gp
Magical Scroll This scroll looks like it contains a really awesome spell, however, the actual spell is a quite boring one for removing body odor. Note: The spell will backfire when used on orcs, half orcs, or goblins and will actually make them smell worse. In fact, the spell will only work on elves or half elves, but being the posh nancy boys they are, elves do not -need- spells of body odor removal, and will be insulted you offered it to them in the first place. 1gp
Smudgy Scroll This scroll is so smudged it is completely unreadable - but has been rumored to be a map to riches beyond belief, an amazing instant death spell that acutally works, or a recipie for really amazing dragon scale soup. 1gp
The Cloak of Much Itchiness This cloak appears to be a beautiful deep green satin cape but has been cursed so that any wearer that wears it will be unbearably itchy and will develop a suspicous looking rash the longer they continue to wear it. 5gp
Lightly Falling Leaf of Lorien This is a beautifully enameled green pin shaped like a leaf that will never stay closed and keeps falling off into the mud. 2gp
Vorpal Toothpick This toothpick gleams with a silver light when used a player must make a roll for melee combat against themselves, if they hit the toothpick will always draw blood, if the player or creature crits they loose a tooth. 1gp
Really Old Longsword This Longsword is old. Really, really old. In fact, it's so old that when used, it will do the usual longsword damage, but you have to roll 1d20+dex bonus to make sure it doesn't fall apart while you attack. DC 17 the sword stays together, but looks a little wobbly, DC 15 the blade is badly chipped, DC 10 the blade breaks from the hilt, and if you botch it, it crumbles in your hands. 5gp
Foppish Hat This hat appears to be a large purple velvet hat with a semi-precious rhinestone encrusted buckle and four large peacock feathers, which grants the wearer +2 cha bonus. Unfortunately it also makes everyone of the opposite sex believe that the wearer is not interested in them in the slightest. Also results in the wearer being solicited for interior decorating advice. 2gp
Slashy Sword This sword is a good, sturdy sword with +2 to attack and +1 to strength. Unfortunately, its hilt also resembles the Rod of Innuendo and when used, any observers will instantly begin to write parchment after parchment of badly written smut describing in lurid detail the user and the other most attractive member of the same sex in the party. 5gp
Boring Quill Anything written by this quill when read aloud has the ability to put both the reader and the listener to sleep for 2 turns. 1gp
VERY Boring Quill Anything written by this quill when read aloud has the ability to put anyone within a 15 foot radius to sleep for 3 turns. Also, pages written by this quill can be passed to enemies for them to read to themselves - this will call them to fall asleep for 1 turn. 2gp
Silly Cape This appears to be a quite sturdy, ordinary wool cape. When worn, the wearer will be able to speak in nothing but rhyme, and will have an incurable case of the giggles. 5gp
The Bag of Occasional Holding. A very used bag of holding with a hole in the bottom which will hold ten items of any shape or size. However, if another item is added to those ten, the first item placed in the bag will fall out. 10gp

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Credits to: Cassie, Helen, Nick, Jemma, Nat, and John for their help.