Shoujo Kakumei Utena

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Bitch, please Why didn't you listen? Watching you Broken by the rules of love
Anthy Utena and Anthy Shiori Shiori
Scary? Me? Promise not to let go Utena and Anthy Yule Base ChuChu Yule Base
Anthy Utena and Anthy Utena and Anthy Chuchu
ChuChu Yule Base ChuChu Yule Base Chuchu Seasons Greetings Chuchu Blessed Yule
Chuchu Chuchu Season's Greetings Blessed Yule
Angels we have heard on high Utena and Anthy Merry Christmas Utena and Anthy Blessed Yule You'll never know my pain
Angel Chuchu Merry Christmas Blessed Yule Anthy