Quotes: Page 8

No, I shall disect it until its quoteness flees, yiping like a dog with a...thingy...

If you should ever, ever encounter anything you'd refer to as a "crazy hole," YOU DON'T CLIMB INTO IT.

Let this flacid fry tell you something.
     - John

I like my tiny titties, they're convenient!
     - Dana

I looked out the window and all I could see was this crane full of bush.
     - John

It's pot-luck Fry-day.
     - John

My wallet is like a woman's purse - it's endless and no one knows what's in it.
   - Nessa

I don't want to head-butt anyone's package!
     - Cassie

"Of course, Orcs invented Samurai, just as Goblins invented Ninja."
"I've never heard of a Goblin Ninja."
"Then they're doing their job, now aren't they?"

More important than national pride is the titty.
     - John

Nessa: Oh my god, I want to sleep!
Megan: Oh my god, I have 80 pages of reading to do!
Max: Oh my god, I'm wearing makeup!

Max: I was really hoping there would be a baseball bat of Whiff.
John: The Sword of Whiff!

Your inner soul has sparkly nipples.
     - Cassie

I draw like a dyslexic cow.
     - Dana

Hey John - you wanna play Megan: the Gathering?
     - Max on messing with Megan's multiple IDs

You were right, my love, they do exist, and they're the royalty of squirrels! They're beautiful! Like little Roth-rodents!

Power is the ultimate aphrodesiac.
     - Mansour Farhang

As of 10:15 this morning you are all philosophers. Well, not quite. You haven't written anything yet...
     - Paul Voice

We could create whole worlds and systems dedicated to the salami gods and still be wrong!
   - Kayto

I can say clitoris but you can't because this isn't a sex class, it's a philosophy class.
      - Besty

I'm going to leave clitoral ripples up and see if Paul notices.
     - Betsy

How do I know, standing here talking to you, that I am not having a dream?
- Class stares blankly at Paul.
...or some kind of nightmare...
     - Paul

Now, God is a good chap, so it's unlikely he'll muck about with us when we're doing addition.

You're all alone on an island of solipsism surrounded by a sea of doubt.
     - Paul

I have an idea of a zebra. I have an idea of you. But you might not exist.

Our everyday perception of reality is very different from Descartes'. This makes him very difficult for you to read, but...so what?

You can start with zebras and work up to god.

So, you've got unicorns and numbers dancing in your head?

Use the stuff they taught you in kindergarten - it's not entirely stupid.
     - Paul

I'm sure this has never happened to you, but you can picture yourself drunk...
     - Paul

You can recall being drunk, you can anticipate being drunk...probably what you do on Fridays in class.

You're at the bottom of your bottle of rum and you're just counting the same swan coming round the pond again and again...NO! We're counting different swans...

Ross: It's a calligraphy set, a book, and... I don't know what that is...
Megan: It looks like it's inflateable.

If you touch me again, I'll castrate you and shove your dick so far up your ass it'll hopefully bruise your lungs.
     - Dana on the newbie

Dana: Do you see this face? Do you see this face? It means I've stopped listening to you.
Max: But Dana, you always make that face.
Dana: What does that tell you?

THE LONG TABLE: scaring you shitless since sophomore year.
     - Max

I don't care about the economics or the politics - my school smells like crap! Fuck you Osama - or whoever they're blaming this week. Fundamentalists! Atheists! God! Broccoli - only the white kind! That's cauliflower! Shut up!
     - Max

There's a forcefield of lawsuits around your poking area!
     - Penn

I heard 'Should I marinate your balls in brown spice sauce and lock you in a room with a rabid wolverine and April Bernard.'
     - John

Nessa: You squirm more than Max does, this is a novelty to me.
Penn: Yeah, well, boobs are a novelty, too.

I'll let you play with my novelties if you let me play with yours.
     - Penn