Roleplaying and LARP Quotes: Page 3

Feed her, fuck her, or put her out of her misery.
-Lakshri, it's so nice to be loved

I'll get you next time, St. Nick...

You killed Jemma! I demand you apologize!

74 Listen is a little much. You'd be hearing God say "Fuck!" every time another Republican was born.

Helen: Your mom on a Hobbit.
John: You want me to respond to that?
Helen: Yeah!
John: Okay, yes, since she dropped those fifty pounds she humps like a beast.
Nick: ...Write that down!

You get attacked by MindFlayers! 82 of them!

It's a Ninja blade of grass.

Nick: That's a dead moose.
Helen: It got reincarnated as a dead moose?
John: We may be the first people on earth to use moose as a verb.

Jemma: That person was a three-year-old child.
Alizdog: What does he know?!
Shelly: I've got a balloon?
Alizdog: Guys! He's got a balloon!!!

I'm not a Hobbit! I'm just short!

The God of Haberdashery. Haberdasheria - that's what the orcs call him!

Why does Talic look like a hanger?

That's a sick idea and I'm very impressed.

Nick: Have you ever tried to control a dragon?
Jemma: Left! No don't bite me, left!

Nick: Roll another D20.
Helen: Thank you, thank you!
Nick: No, that's not a thank you, that's roll another D20.
Helen: Oh fuck.

Hang on, guys! Remember, we can all be Resurrected, Nick said so!

The dragon's 16, he's just hit puberty and he's discovered that Nirvana is the greatest band in the world.

Jemma: VAPA, basically. We're facing VAPA with teeth.
Helen: VAPA with acid breath!

Wait a moment. Did a drow just shout out, The drow are trying to hurt you? 'Eat me, eat me!'

Jemma: Talic can't scare away 500 drow. (rolls the dice)
Nick: No, but he can scare away 200.

I know it hurts. But look at it this way. There's popcorn.

Bianca: You know Draconic?
Deacon: Yes, I'm a wizard.

Helen: Hobbits rock!
John: I thought you weren't a hobbit.
Helen: All right..

A midgit orc, trying to defend a blind dragon. It's like an Escher painting.

Can the dragon be reincarnated as a dead moose?

There's no sneak attack here.   It's a head on collision.

You're very impressed by this man an his anvil.

You have a short sword, chain shirit, and no pants.

A giant kender with no pants.